Thursday, December 11, 2008

UPDATE, version 11.12!

It’s been a while since I update mine and visit yours. I’m sorry. My internet connection was down for a long time and I am very busy. Here are some activities which makes me a a road runner!

OVER TO CHAMPHAI, RIH DIL- I visit Champhai as a part of our Departmental study tour, destination Rih Dil (Lake) inside Myanmar, on the eastern border of Mizoram. 

The ride to Champhai was quite tiresome inside that ugly, big and uncomfortable MST bus. We boarded at Govt. Champhai College. Early next morning we were on the road again to Rih Dil. We cross the border to Myanmar, took pass for Rs. 10 each and hike towards our destination. We collect some water samples and the rest was fun. On the same day we return to Champhai and get one day rest to return home. Champhai itself offers special memories from my last visit way back in 1996.

            On the border to Myanmar some Indo-Myanmar trade activities were going on. The first thing I notice on Myanmar side was the number of liquor shops available. On that hike to Rih Dil I find out that my body was not fit. It was a matter of 3-4 kms hike, but halfway I run out of breath, body fatigue sets in, and have to rest for several times along the road. At the lake the first thing I did after reaching was drinking nice ice cold beer :).

OVER TO SUANGPUILAWN : I was detailed as a Micro-Observer in the recently concluded Mizoram Assembly election and posted at Suangpuilawn, located on

the northern part of Mizoram 140 kms from Aizawl. Suangpuilawn area is one of the Demanded area of the HPC and a place where an alleged kidnappings of MLA candidates happened on the 2004 elections. It is my first experience in this nature of duty in an election. Our duty was not as a part of the State election machinery, but a part of Central Government, to observe the proceedings of the general election procedures.

COLLEGE GOLDEN JUBILEE: At our college we celebrate Golden Jubilee throughout the year, organizing several functions. On the 10th & 11thday of this December we organized a grand finale and a closing function. I was a part of many sub committees in the organizing body, Decoration, refreshment, programme, etc, and was busy the whole week. Organising refreshment for 1500 people was a tiresome task. The functions went smoothly, but I was too busy to enjoy the fun of the celebration. And during these times I have organize exams for my students at IGNOU, write my PhD thesis.

    So, these days I am like a road runner, running up and down, work my ass tired and face a big life’s dillema, a  relationship and a broken internet line too. Haven’t have time to even take a hair cut for two weeks!,. Life goes on. So, all of you ma friends out there, sorry, I will try to keep you update as soon as possible. Here are some snaps.

Tour party

Dagon with jellies
With Polling party
Golden jubilee

rih dil

Champhai bazar

Champhai college


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nghilhloh ainawn-1

Vawin hnathawk tur a ka kal chu nufa in kai ka tawk a, ka enchiang a, naute kaitu chu ka thianpa star em em kha a lo ni a, suangtuahna khawvel ah min hnuk lut ta daih mai. Mahse a lairil sawngbawl hma in thu hma nei hmasa ila.

            College kan kai laiin thianpa pakhat hian nula a star thu a sawi thin a. Amah kha zu te a in ve thin avangin nula pangai leh fel tak  chu bem en ah pawh a en lova. Chu nula chu nula sang lam, hmai hlai lek lek, ngo lam deuh, dar kum lek lek, sa pan lam deuh, laibu tha tak, nui mawi tak  a ni awm e, a sawi dan hmang chuan. Tichuan kum a lo vei ta nual a(kum 5 vel), thianpa chuan a nunhlui te simin chu nula bawk chu a rilru ah a cham teh chek ni fa hmiang, an runsang a kai ta hlawl a. Vanduaina thuah thip in a tawng nge kan nula-i chuan ngaihzawng nghet a lo nei hlauh mai, inneih an lo sawi ri deuh lehnghal a. A tan vanpui a chim ta rup mai.

            Ka thil hmuh kha hmu ve ta se engtin ngai ang maw?. A thik ang nge rilru na tak, insum takin a lawmpui ang le? Mahni chuan ka inkawm ta melh melh a. Mi tin kawp pui atan mi duhzawng kan nei theuh a (Thianpa duhzawng chu ka tawmpui kher lo), chutianga kan duh deuh te chu eng emaw rem lohna avangin ngaihzawn pawh in ngaizawng  si lovin kumsul tam vei se kan duhna kha a la ngai reng ta sela.

Kan suangtuahna khawvelah chuan ‘ni ta se’ tiin kan bawl phuan zui a. Hetiang ang hian duhaisam ainawn-i ten kawp pui nei a, fanau nen an kawi hmu ila, thinlai a tharin rilru a la luah ang em le? Chu ainawn-i nen chuan inngaizawngin, eng emaw avangin in thenin, tang dang min vawn san se, rilru a dam zawk ang em le? Chhan let loh hmangaihna ni chiah lo mahse a nih dan kawng a awm tho a,  kan duhna kan lantir si loh chuan chanlet theih ni hek lo le. Thinlai mu hnu kaithovin duhthusamna khawvelah bawk leta ngai ngei ang. Nghilhloh awinawn-i chu nghilhni a awm dawn silo. 

Hetiang ngaihtuah chung zel chuan ka hna thawhna hmun tur chu ka thleng ta a.



Thursday, October 9, 2008


Tunlai chu post tur a vang em mai a thla lak te post mai mai ila. He khawmhma kung hi ka * tukverh bula awm a nia, lung a ti leng hle mai. Hmanah kan naupan laiin thing kan pu ve a, khawmhma kung hi ka lo pu haw pek a, a duap sia, a alh a na lovin a puak pep pep lehnghal a. Thing tha tih a sawi tur chu a nilo a, mahse a rah hi a tui zek a. Khawmhma kan tih hi a scientific name chu Rhus javanica tih a ni a, common name chu Sumac a ni awm e.
Ral lehlam a buh te chu an hmineng ang tuar a, mau tam avanga sazu puang chuan an lo a thleng ve lo nge, hmun hla taka atanga thlir pawhin an hmin eng thap mai. A hmunah chuan a hmui chek anga, mahni thar nise, seng a va phurawm dawn em.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

UGC pay panel report: 3rd October, 2008.

UGC Has finally submitted its pay recomendation for Teachers at Universities and Colleges on the 3rd October 2008. For more details you can see .
Here is a few datails:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chhum zinna piah

Chhum Zinna Piah chuan thih hnu lam ram a kawk ruih mai. Mahse tuna ka han ziah duh chu hringnun khawvel, sur a sa kan tawrhna, tah leh rumna ram zawh hi a ni. He hringnun khawvel ah hian harsatna leh manganna kan tawk thin, chutih hunah chuan ngaihtuahna fim hman a har ngei mai. Kan nun ah chhum a lo zing mup mup a, nunkawng a thhim thin, pen khat pawh hmuh fiah a har ngei mai. Chu hunah chuan huasenna neih a harin nakin a kan inchhir leh na tur thil tih/sawi a awm fo thin. Tui bua a ruh leh theih tawh  siloh, kan nun ah ser a lo awm hlen ta thin.
Chuti chuan chu chhum chu lo zing mahse kian hun a nei a, chhum zinna piah lam ram hi a lo lang  thin. Kha hmun leh hunah khan zing phui mup mahse hmun leh hun  dangah chuan ni eng mawi tak, chhum zinna piah chu a awm a, chu chu a lo lang leh thin tih kan hriat nawn fo a tha e.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A tuilo bon

Hmanni chu eng emaw thilah Aizawl- Guwahati Air India flight in kan kal a, thlawhna a an thil sem tuilohzia mawlh mai kha kan hrilhfak a, a chuan man nen a in phu lo kan ti hle. A thlalak a mi ang hian chhang khawro tak tak pathum, sauce 1 leh tui bottle tereuhte(200ml) min chhawp ve  a(napkin a la tel lo zui), ei a har ngei mai. Coffee/tea tal te han sem se chuan a zia tur. Hmanah daydreambeliever hian a tuiloh zia a hrilfak tawh a, han tawn ve takah chuan a dik ngei mai. 
Thlawhna hrim hrim hi a tet mai bakah a bengchheng em em bawk nen, N-E hi min hmusit ta emaw tih a awl duh ngei mai. Tin, a thu hrim-ah ah Imphal-Aizawl te hi a chuan man a va han sang bik em em ve?A class in ang,  airlines ngai ah Aizawl-Kolkata te, Delhi-Kolkata te  chuan man aiin a to zawk daih bawk!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The River

THE RIVER- Written by: - Victoria Shaw - Garth Brooks
You know a dream is like a river
Ever changin' as it flows
And a dreamer's just a vessel
That must follow where it goes
Trying to learn from what's behind you
And never knowing what's in store
Makes each day a constant battle
Just to stay between the shores...and

I will sail my vessel
'Til the river runs dry
Like a bird upon the wind
These waters are my sky
I'll never reach my destination
If I never try
So I will sail my vessel
'Til the river runs dry

Too many times we stand aside
And let the waters slip away
'Til what we put off 'til tomorrow
Has now become today
So don't you sit upon the shoreline
And say you're satisfied
Choose to chance the rapids
And dare to dance the tide...yes

There's bound to be rough waters
And I know I'll take some falls
But with the good Lord as my captain
I can make it through them all...yes

Yes, I will sail my vessel
'Til the river runs dry
'Til the river runs dry.

When i was studying my masters i face life's Dilema. I used to have this album 'Roping the wind' by Garth brooks, presented to me by ma cousin. The above is one of the song on the album, which i particularly like and of course inspire me a lot and i like it . Sometimes in life, we have to dare to ride the rapids and dare to dance the tide.
I will sail my vessel
'Til the river runs dry
Like a bird upon the wind
These waters are my sky
I'll never reach my destination
If I never try
So I will sail my vessel
'Til the river runs dry

Phelps Mania!

Michael Phelps-a kum 23 mi, America rama cheng, tuihleuh thiam chuan Olympics kum 2008 Beijing a neihah Gold Medal pariat lak tumin a bei tih thawm a lo ri a, beng a verh hle mai. Tichuan chu America tlangval tuihleuh chu TV atang chuan vawi khat ka thlir ve a, a zunzam in min uai e :). Office ban veleh hian medal a lakbelh em tiin internet ah ka en hmasa ber ziah! A tisa leh ropuina lam nilovin mi pakhat, ruh leh thling, thisen leh tisa a siam ve mai ina hetiang tumruhna a nei hian lunglai a kuai a, ka ngaisang a ni. Hetiang tumruhna leh inpekna hian mi tam tak nunah huaisena leh beiseina nung petu a nih ngei pawh ka ring tlat a.
Tin, Olympics hrim hrim hian khawvel hi min ti pumkhat hian ka hre thin. Hnam hrang hrang, mizia leh khawsak dan in anglo tak tak te zai khat a luang za a, intihsiakna bei tura an fuan khawm hian nun a ti hlim em em bawkin ka ring.
Tunah tak hi chuan Goled medal chu 5 a la tawh a, pathum hmabak a la awm e. Tin, gold medal hrim hrim hi olympics ah hia 11 a la tawh a, chu chu leilung pian tirh ata la awmngailo a ni. Vanneihna leh chakna ka duhsak e.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Class of 1993

Hmanni chu Pawl 10 ka zirpui ten min lo phone a Reunion i nei ang u an ti a, a hmunah Johns Dreamland an ti ngawt a, ka bo hle. Millenium centre ah in nghahkhawmin Pi Hangi Lunglen tlang lamah kan in zui cho ta dial a. Kan han thlang khawm a, hun rei tak in hmu tawhlo hlawm chu titi a nuam ngei mai. Tichuan dawhkan kil kualin nunhlui mualliam hnu kan chhui kir a, mahni chet chiatna theuh te kan sawi a, lenghawn ar chu a khuang der mai. Tunah enge kan nih lam a lenglo, hman kha kan ngai tlang a, hrem kan tawh dan te, Kaziranga National Park kan kal chanchin te...chanchin sawi tur a tam mai. Tlip nan a nawm thu kan belh leh hram ange :).

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Me, myself

When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am? …and there were many answers.

Sometimes I ask myself the same question, who am I? It’s not like an identity crisis, but sometimes we all need to see ourselves from the outside. So whom do others say about me? Once a friend told me I’m an arrogant son of a b****. Whom do you think I am?

My ayurvedic body types predict that I possess the following characters:

“changeability; unpredictability; - in size, shape, mood, and action moody; imaginative and impulsive; quick to grasp ideas and good at initiating things but poor at finishing them; energy fluctuates, with jagged peaks and valleysable; tolerant; comfort-loving, and peaceful”

My Zodiac sign (Pisces) also predicts the following characteristic traits.

  • Shy
  • Romantic
  • Trustworthy
  • Aloof
  • Dreamy
  • Creative
  • Understanding
  • Unrealistic
  • Impractical


  • Romance
  • Nature
  • Ambient music
  • Poetry
  • Mystical settings
  • Being loved / wanted
  • Freedom
  • Privacy


  • Noise
  • Crowds
  • Dirt & ugliness
  • Garish objects
  • Being reminded
  • Tight spaces
  • Authority
  • Revealing private life

On this friendship day, all my thoughts are concerned about me, and only me!.

Happy friendship day to all my friends in this life.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

In dreams (Dreams do come true...)

I looked at her sleeping peacefully and admire her beauty, a sudden rush urge me to feel the warmth of her body; to hold her closer to mine....and then I find myself in the middle of the night pulling the rear end of my blanket !. Oh it was such a beautiful dream.

I kept on thinking if dreams come true. In life we dream on, our aims integrated into dreams. My dream was to get a job, get hitched around 25-27 , have kids and settle down. Years passed after sweet sixteen and I do get a job and dreams revolve. This time a more ambitious, and unknown realm, a lead ‘to become a good husbandwas on the cards. Now I face life's own puzzle and a fear; that I might not choose the one I love, kept gnawing me from the inside.

A quote from a friend said, “In life we can chose who to care for; chose the one to be with; but we can never choose the one to fall in love with”. So, the sweetness of my dream lies in the fact that I was with the one that I loved, whoever it was.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Khawtlang lunglen

Kumsul lam ang a lo her luia luia a, kum tam a liam ta. Ngaihlai banglo nunhlui dawnin val hi ka kur luai e. Zanraiah ei kham a chhungte hriatlohva zial zuk ruk chak nen kan RV kan pan sang sang a, ti ti khawmuan hnua mahni tuanna mual theuhva liam turin kan in thlah a. Lenghawn ar chuan RV ah min hnawt kir thin. Nuihiauvin zanlai ar chuan tin zai rel turin min khuan hnan ta si thin a. Tlangval that leh a va han chakawm em! Zankhaw tairek ah valtolo zia tak maia leh val senior ianga dar tlemte a haw chang te kha a ngaihawm lehling e. Chhungten kawngka an kalh ang em? tih rilru pu ran chungin tingpui kuang bang han dawt la a nuam si thin a.

Lungkham a tlem a lawmna lah chuti. Inhlawhna hmuh fuh deuh chuan kan in ‘con’ a, hmun reh deuh fan chang lah a nuam hlei hlei. Pachhunga Zing zu sak a mawi zual thin,

Zu zawng zawng zinga zing zu zet zawng,

Lalthutphah chunga rorel tlak I ni!

Khuavangin zankhuain vengin malsawm che….” tiin.

Youth Idol a hla lar..

Ka neihchhun tingtang leh chawlhtui ning zu,

Bansan their eng hian ka mawilo han tih chang lah a tam.

Thla bial zan mawl klha, khawilai in chung awl lai a dam dap maia C. Vansanga sak,

I chun leh zuate lo hrangin vullai thiah chak hle mahse,

Vawng zel ila kan tiam thudi,

Innghak zel ang, aw khuarei mahse” han sak rai rai mai te kha.

"a fal ten kan in tawng leh tawh lawng e

Zan a rei khua a tlai dawn ta...

Awm min rilh rawh zanin ngeiah.." ti a zai sak lah nuamin.

Hun leh kum chuan tumah a nghak silo, lenrual hlui kan chan a, tuanna mual te a lo dang zo ta. Hringnun lamtluang zawhin kan tul tlang ta, nunhlui chu tap tapin au mah ila mual an liam ta si. Pu zirsangzela hla lenrual hlui in tlip ila..

"D a sei lenrual a kim ta lo,

Ngai ve maw lungrual a lenlaini,

Mittui nen ka fang in run chul hnu,

Tlei dang leng ten zai an lo sa e"

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A seh seh....

Tunlai chu inthlan a hnaih vang nge ram hmangiah kan pung thar ta thut ? Kan sawrkar lah kil tin a dengtu a ngah hle bawk a. A dengtu nge sual ang a den aw? Heti chingchivet nuaih a kan ram kan her let let lai a lairil fantu chu chaweikhawm ti ti fahrah zuk ni tlat pek a. Eirukna chungchanga mi tam tak fihlim lohzia te, kan ram a thil kalphung ka la hriat ve ngailoh tha tha (chhia chhia) tha min fahtu te zarah beng a tlai, rilru erawh a na vawng vawng mai.

Chimthal bekang puah ang phawng phawng ila. Thian pakhat chuan dikna a awm toh loh thu sawiin kan Minister te hi dem tur an nilo, chu ai chuan anmahni khaltu Officer ho hi an dikloh thu a sawi a. Office a thawk thenkhat tenawmzia a sawi zauh bawk a. Ti ti kal zelah chuan kan Treasury office a thawkte tenawmzia an sawi chhuak a. Bill pass hma tir duh chuan an lehkha hnuaiah Rs.1000.00 note 2-3 vel dah tel a ngaih thu a sawi mauh mai a. Hetianga tih loh chuan bill an la thei lawk lo a, an tih erawh chuan a ni la la in an la thei si a. Thla tam tak nghah a, reject na tur, holam tak an zawn thu nen…aw….pawisa pek mai a awlsam ber thuin an tlip a. Office a thawk cashier pakhat vet hung chuan an bill pass ngai tawh tak a thehluh hnua a khawihtu in “Mobile lei ka duh a Rs.5000.00 min lo pe”ti a a dil tawp thu a sawi a. ‘Kan bill pass a ngai toh sia kan pu te ka rawn a, pek mai an ti ta a” a la ti zui!

A bu pui ka keu ta le, hei zet chuh. Central sawrkar a pawisa sawichhuah dan tha leh a sawi chhuak thei ten an tihdan an tlangzarh ta le! “Percentage pek tur pek tlak thei chuan a ni mai” Eng percentage maw? Sipai bo ka bang map mai le. Central ah khuan Cheng za( Rs. 100.00 ) dil ta la, cheng sawm (Rs.10.00) kha a khawitu hrang hrang te in semah pek tur neih chuan cheng za dawn, neihloh chuan chan. Chu chu a ni percentage chu. Hrethiam ta uar uar mai.Mobile Medical Unit (MMU)a mawtor hlui te, OPD chawng khat bo te, MIP pawisa dawn kimloh te?, Referral hospital te, .... Tih danglamin ka awm ta, acha... ka hrethiam e. Central a Minister tu tu eamw, IAS te emaw, DONER minister te emaw kha percentage an han pe a, chutah a changtu Minister percentage, a officer thurualpui percentage, khawi “Run”, ‘Bhavan” emawh percentage, Contractor percentage, Contract hralhtu percentage…chung zawng zawng hnua hnathawhna tur la bawng chu a tlem awm. Motor hlui/building chhia/ lungrem chim…ka var ta uar uar mai.

Dikna duh mi tam taka awm mahse diklohna hian bu a khuar thuk ta. Mawhphurhna a va han lian take m? Nang leh kei hian kan hma ngam an em?

‘Kutdawh tan chuan huai a har’ kan ti dawn nge ‘Intodeh loh chuan rinawm a har’ kan ti zel dawn le? Engtin ni ta ang ang maw?

Monday, April 21, 2008

The wonders-our body

Last Saturday the father of our student died of a kidney failure and we went to his funeral. A conversation started from the kidneys and eventually many organs of our body, marveling the function of each. The kidneys, its function in urine formation, its importance, its workload and the amount of abuse it received each day. Without our kidney the body cannot remove dangerous substances inside our body fluid, and its failure eventually leads to death. The Creator, knowing its importance, makes a pair of them, identical and has the ability to function on their own. Marveled its architecture and wondered its creation. The same goes to every part of our body, our organs, our cells and their organelles.

We often speak of advances in science and technology, the computers with its ability, the nanotechnology and their implications. Yet, despite this advances, we cannot replicate, duplicate or imitate the role our organs. A simple example is the eye. The advances in camera technology with the many features and size of CCD’s , still we can’t reproduce the function of the eye, to create a vision sending image to the brain and project the image, for other organs to function. A simple explanation is that the sight of a Dominos pizza stimulates our taste buds to secrete saliva!.

Let me take you to another example, the functioning of the heart. The heart beats producing a lub-dub sound, distributing vital nutrients and gases to every corner of our body. You may say that scientist create an artificial heart, and also pacemakers to help defect heart, you are true to the fact, my fried. But what I want to remind you is, none of these function perfectly and neither last.

When we look at the cells, each with their own organelles, tiny and microscopic, you will wonder their marvelous architecture and their division of labor. We can see these cells with a thousand magnifications and sometimes even require the highest resolution of an electron microscope, with more than a lakhs magnification (Just imagine a tiny ant with thousands magnification). Again inside each organelle lies the internal structure with their specific function. Failure of one organelle may lead to many diseases.

Our body organs sometimes fail. A perfect system gone wrong, yet we are unable to repair the damage. Sometimes we can compromise with damage limitation, but not repair. Let me list a few- Diabetes, Cancer, nerve failure, brain damage, deaf, etc. not to mention the many disease we inherited from our ancestors!

Stop here and think who created our body? You will wonder and admire the architect, who creates each and every human with tender love and care. To walk this walk of life, we have the responsibility on ourselves, to tender care and love each and every organ of our body, the power is ours.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Thu ziah tur ka van em mai a, mi thuziak hmangin thu puarpawleng nilo, ril deuh mai, amah Pu CHD-a phalna la in han thailang nel nual ange. BIBLE LEH SCIENCE tih lehkhabu Pu PC Biaksiama ziak chu a dik famkimlohna nen thailan a ni . Khawnge mah aw.. a thu tlem ka han tarlang chhin ange.
"BS hi theology ziktluak lo leh science cheksawlhna lama thatho hleihluak Young Earth Creationism tawtawrawt, rin duap leh hraitna tluantlinglo leh thu lehburh mi, a tanfung zawng zawng tih tur pawh YEC mi thiamte ngeiin an paihthlak daih tawh a nihzia pholan a ni tawh a.....(p 132)"
" Mi barakhaih tum taka, 'fossil hi insiam tohlo...hman laiin fossil a insiam hnem em em a, eng vangin nge tunah a insiam takloh'(BS p 109-110). han tih te chu a thu satel lu mange. Fossil awmzia a hrelo a ni chiang...p 135"
"HUI HAH! BS zet hi chu science kan tih ve mai maiah hian, tu pa uisa buhchiar an sawi ang maiin, a va han chhah muih muih tak em; saiin a siak lova, sawi lovin a siak nahek lo....HE lehkhabu ropuina ber chu, mahni hriatloh top thil a sawi taima em em mai hi a ni, chutianga lawmman a awm te a nih chuan i he lova hlan chi a ni....... A baibul kamchang hawhin, thu dik tinreng malmakpa a ni hawlh e".
A chhung thu te hi a tam luttuk a, han chhut sen chi a ni silo. He article tluantling chhiar duh chuan- Bible leh science bih chian lehna- K Lalchhandama, Science Vision, vol VII, no.4 october-december 2007,-ah chhiar tur a awm e.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Palm Sunday without palm!

On Palm Sunday children from Sunday schools taking the streets and shout together -

“Hosanna; blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord. Blessed be the kingdom of our father David, that cometh in the name of the Lord: Hosanna in the highest” (Mark 11:9-10).

They raised the palm in their hands as high as they can. After taking the streets they gathered at their own local church to have a mass. A beautiful scene to announce the glory of the highest, a slogan shouted in the days of Jesus, by the crowd in Jerusalem when Jesus entered there as a king. Palm Sunday became one event that children do not miss. A special day for the children to announce Jesus is the King. In fact you can see beautiful pictures of children taking the street, posted by j (

A point I want to mention, by making a bold statement- ‘palm Sunday without palm’ is due to many environmental and economic concern. Let us consider the fact that this number of children across the state will require that amount of palm. The cost of a palm leaves for one morning, which will then turn into a waste. The amount of green tree we have to fell for one Sunday morning. The amount of oxygen they could have produced when alive. The amount of Carbon dioxide they would have consumed knowing the fact that our carbon dioxide level is the highest during february to march each year due to jhum burning. The matter of the fact is that we do not cultivate palm for this occasion and rely on the wild stock. How long will this stock last?

I googled fanatically to find out what type of palm tree we use for this occasion and find out that its scientific name is Caryota urens. They are commonly called solitary fishtail palm, toddy palm, wine palm or jaggery palm. They are found in many tropical countries.
( for more information on details and uses refer to- ).

So, considering the fact that global warming is an issue and the responsibility lies with every individual on this planet to safe the world by planting more trees. It is time to consider our ways of life so as to limit the damage to nature.

(Special thanks to Tluanga and BNA MZU for information on palm tree)

Friday, March 14, 2008


Environment and Forest Department


Agriculture Department


Horticulture Department


Soil Conservation Department


AH& Department


Fisheries Department


Rural Development Department


Industries Department


Sericulture Department


Supply Department


Health Department


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(Bamboo Flowering & Famine Combat Scheme)

As reported by the local newspaper Vanglani, dated 13th march 2008, a report from the Assembly session extract, the amount of money spent on BAFFACOS was Rs.12036. Lakhs. The chief Minister of Mizoram, Mr Zoramthanga added that the amount sanctioned for Baffacos is Rs. 12,500.00 lakhs. The amount distributed among various Department under Govt. of Mizoram are shown in the table. BAFFACOS is a pilot project financed by the Government of India to combat famine related to Bamboo flowering in Mizoram which happens every 50 years. During the last bamboo flowering, in the year 1957 records suggest that there was a widespread famine throughout the state and the Government of India and the then State Government, Assam failed to address the situation is one reason which led to the uprising among the locals to fight for Independence from India.

Bamboo flowers, it flowers every 50 years bearing seeds which will be the next generation bamboo. It’s a natural phenomena, the process of nature to refresh the genetic composition of the bamboo species. This genetic programme inside the bamboo leads to the expression of certain genes producing proteins and activate some hormones to trigger bamboo to flower. Certain genes are then activated after flowering to die, a mass suicide, in scientific term we call it apoptosis or cell death. It is a natural process occurring in every organism. A simple example is our blood RBC’s which die every 120 days or 3 months.

A widespread coincidence or common phenomena occurs in the last bamboo flowering period. There is a rapid increase in the rat populations which destroys all the cultivated areas in the state, renders the people helpless and starves. It is not known that this was a related or separate phenomenon. Is the state unlucky that the bamboo flowering coincides with mass migration of rat species? What type of rat species? We don’t know?

The sad fact is that the Government of Mizoram with this amount of money do not set up Scientific investigation team to look into the very much needed biology of the bamboo flowering. Stopping the bamboo flowering is out of question, since it is a natural process, but the nature and effects can and must be studied for future generations. Much needed investigation are the biology of the bamboo which flowers. Isolating the part, the genes, the proteins, the hormones and the nature of the genetic composition are a must. In this Genetic age, we must look into the genetic perspective to understand the biology of the bamboo. Secondly, the ecology. Since bamboo is the dominant population of many forest in the state, it is important to study their biology, in terms of their mass death and its effect. A mass death will have adverse effects on the Ecology of the region, fertility of the soil, the composition of many mammals, birds, reptiles etc which are dependent on the bamboo forest for their survival. Investigation must be done on the regeneration capacity of the bamboo and vice versa.

There are many aspects which have to be studied, which for a non science background will just be boring. The fact remains, which is that bamboo flowering needs more scientific investigation. But as shown by the money distribution, no money, not a single peny have been allocated to investigate this incident, which in fact is one of the greatest failure of this project, BAFFACOS.


Piscean quality
Imaginative and sensitive, Compassionate and kind, Selfless and unworldly, Intuitive and sympathetic ....
On the dark side….
Escapist and idealisticSecretive and vagueWeak-willed and easily led..

What would it mean to be one!. . I googled and find many so called ’star signs’ which as a christians do not have faith in it/them. But, nevertheless these qualities which mention in the star signs, tends to be correct, not all, but some. As a christian we have to remeber that power comes from darker side. Power itself is the reason for the conflict in heaven.

A new experience

The year starts in a good note. The fact that i will be in a course in one of the best University in the world spurs an excitement. But the matter of the fact that the fear of not living upto the expectations make me hesitate a bit. As i entered the course i soon find out the diversity of participants all over India and Sri Lanka. It was a good experience to interact with all the participants in the course.One of the most wonderful experience come from the course. The thirst for knowledge is one of the most envying aspect, which we lack in many places. The second in the input of intelectual ideas in the current scenario, the analysis and the discussion forum in which we play a part. This, apart from the other experiences would, i think, makes it memorable


'Love is passion, obsession, someone you can’t live without. If you don’t start with that, what are you going to end up with? Fall head over heels. I say find someone you can love like crazy and who’ll love you the same way back. And how do you find him? Forget your head and listen to your heart. I’m not hearing any heart. Run the risk, if you get hurt, you’ll come back. Because, the truth is there is no sense living your life without this. To make the journey and not fall deeply in love - well, you haven’t lived a life at all. You have to try. Because if you haven’t tried, you haven’t lived”
This is a quotation from the movie- Meet Joe Black. What struck me is the fact that, will i find someone whom i love like crazy and who’ll love me back in the same way. In this material world we look for security, in terms of wealth and sometimes emotions. The quote that takes me away goes - Forget your head and listen to your heart. I’m not hearing any heart. Run the risk, if you get hurt, you’ll come back. The head says no, but the matter of the fact is the heart cant lie an neither the feelings. This.. to me is love. You must have a definition on your own, but for me, as of today, this is my love.


Halpuah ;eh halmawi kan hal a, a mawi narawh e. Mit a tlai in beng lah a verh. Mahse sum kan senral dan enin a luttul deuh a ni ber mai. Kan ram riangte, thawhchhuah neilo, mahni poh in chawmzo lo hian zankhat thil thua kan halral hi a tam luttuk a, chin zuiloh a tha hle mai. Mi awmthei-Sawrkar hnathok eiru thei te, mi retheite lah hausa te sum hmanga in ei lian sumdawngte hian kan hrat zual niin a lang..Ka rilru a cham eroh chu bazar a thil zuar pakhat auhla kha a ni. Heti hian a ti pek a, “halpuah zuartute leh zu zuar an in ang reng, Sawrkar phalloh thil an zuar ve ve a. Zu zuar poh an man a, an vua a, an tihlum a ni lom ni” tiin. Ngaihtuah zui peihte tan kan dah mai ang chu


Mother earth is deteriorating. Our earth is getting warmer and warmer. Eleven of the last twelve years (1995 -2006) rank among the 12 warmest years in the instrumental record of global surface temperature (since 1850). These trends in global warming does not only affect the rich, but we the poorest too. Unlike a disease it has no specification and no target at all. Global average sea level rose at an average rate of 1.8 [1.3 to 2.3] mm per year over 1961 to 2003. The rate was faster over 1993 to 2003, about 3.1 [2.4 to 3.8] mm per year. The melting of the polar ice caps, the Himalayas threaten the source of the greatest reservoir of fresh water in the form of ice, if they melt away. Such a tragedy would increase the sea level, drowning many cities, destroying millions of cultivated lands, extreme floods in the rivers followed by a series of droughts, extreme climate, extreme cold and heat waves.
Impact of global warming on human health.
A report in the journal Science in June 2002 described the alarming increase in the outbreaks and epidemics of diseases throughout the land and ocean based wildlife due to climate changes. One of the authors points out that, “Climate change is disrupting natural ecosystems in a way that is making life better for infectious diseases.”
Global warming will have many impacts on human health
The most obvious impact of global warming will be the direct effects: a warmer planet will experience more extreme heatwaves. As seen in Europe in 2003, heatwaves often lead to an increase in the number of human deaths, particularly in temperate countries where people are often not accustomed to very hot weather and where houses and other infrastructure are not designed to cope with it. It is estimated that there are currently about 1100 heat-related deaths per year.
Most computer models generated by scientists indicate that the future climate will be more variable than in the past, and that droughts and floods will be more severe. Some of the health effects of weather-related disasters, in addition to the immediate death and injury to people and damage to property, include:
* increases in psychological stress, depression, and feelings of isolation amongst people affected by natural disasters;
* decreases in nutrition due to poorer agricultural yields caused, for example, by prolonged drought and problems of food distribution;
* increases in disease transmission due to a breakdown in sewerage and garbage services. For example, cholera is one disease that thrives in such situations, particularly when flooding causes the contamination of drinking water by sewerage systems.
*Infectious diseases-Many infectious diseases are dependent on vector organisms, which are sensitive to environmental factors and therefore will be affected by global warming. Biological modelling under various climate scenarios suggests a widening of the potential transmission zone of some disease-causing pathogens and their vectors, such as mosquitoes. Food- and water-borne diseases are also susceptible to climate change

Role of everyday men to prevent global warming

Get Educated: Educate yourself about Global warming. You won’t be able to tell other people about it if you don’t have knowledge of the topic yourself!
Change a light. Replacing a regular light bulb with a compact fluorescent one saves 150 pounds of carbon dioxide each year.
Drive less. Walk, bike, carpool, take mass transit, and/or trip chain. All of these things can help reduce gas consumption and one pound of carbon dioxide for each mile you do not drive.
Recycle more and buy recycled. Save up to 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide each year just by recycling half of your household waste
Check your tires. Properly inflated tires mean good gas mileage. For each gallon of gas saved, 20 pounds of carbon dioxide are also never produced.
Use less hot water. It takes a lot of energy to heat water. Reducing the amount used means big savings in not only your energy bills, but also in carbon dioxide emissions. Using cold water for your wash saves 500 pounds of carbon dioxide a year, and using a low flow showerhead reduces 350 pounds of carbon dioxide. Make the most of your hot water by insulating your tank and keeping the temperature at or below 120.
Avoid products with a lot of packaging. Preventing waste from being created in the first place means that there is less energy wasted and fewer resources consumed..
Plant trees. A single tree can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.
Turn off electronic devices when not in use.
Stay informed. stay informed about environmental issues, and share your knowledge with others.

We, as an individual, have the chance to fight for our future generations, and must act fast. The trend is changing, are we going to watch our mother earth die before our very own eyes!

Tonight's Cold

Tonight i felt the coldness of the night. A chill ran through my spine. Though I am not afraid, nor scared, all the warmth of life deserted my body and yet physically, I’m not sick. A sound of music then ran through my ears, maybe my heart; Garth brooks singing ‘Unanswered prayers’. As a Christian I am a believer, not with a high degree of conviction. Many times I laid myself in the hands above and find shelter in the comfort of his love. Many times i wandered far from him too, lost, sinned, ran away. Asked myself why such a swing in life. I felt the unexplained chill.

Mi ramah chuan lunglen a na e..

Kum 2007 Mizo idol a an sak hla mawi tak, Zorock-a(ti trah mai ang) hla.. Mi ramah chuan lung len a na e.. lam ang lo let ka nuam e…. An ram ngei ah hlimin an leng. He “Zoram ngaih hla” hian ngaihtuahna a ti thuiin, thinlai a thu mu hnu a kaiharh hle mai. Kan tleirawl chhuah ve lai khan “ram leh hnam humhalh kum” tih hunlai leh Hnama chian in zirtir hunlai kha a ni bawk a, kan tunlai Globalization rilru nen chuan kan ngaihdan a in persan hle mai. Khatih hunlai a thu ka hriat reng pakhat chu hnamdang pasal a nei, ramdanga awmthusawi kha a ni. Ti hian a sawi a-Hnamdang pasala neih chu kan thatlai leh dam chuan hrehawmna hran a awmlova, mahse kum a lo upa a, lunglai a fing a, kan hnam zia leh tih dan te, kan tawng a tawngpui tur te an lo awmlo a, kan upa tawlh tawlh a, a hrehawm tawlh tawlh a ni.
Ram dang, hnam dang nupui pasal innei kan tam ta hle a, a that leh that loh chu a neitu tur thu thu a ni. Hnam a chiang i ti te erawh chuan hnamdang tawnah par ang kan vul hauh lovang tih hi kan ngaihdan a ni tho tho si a. Hmangaihna chuan vunrawng te, ramri leh hnam a thliar lova, mahse kan hmangaih hma a kan tlanchhiatsan ngam chuan, a aia thuk a in tatlut lovin kan awmthei ngei chuan a rinawm.

Malaria avanga thi kan tam e

Malaria avang hian Mizoram-ah hian tawrhna nasa tak a thleng tawhin a thleng mek zel ani. Tun kum 2005 June thla thleng report a a lan danin mi 50 malaria avang hian nunna chan kan awm a,malaria hrik hmuhchhuah kher loh mahse malaria ni ngeia hriat(Clinical malaria) avanga thi tam tak an awm bawk. Kum dang khaikhin chuan a tam hle. Kum 17 liam ta chhung khan malaria avang hian kum tin mi 35 vel zelin nunna an chan a , thi kan tam ber kum chu kum 1999-ah a niin, mi 73-in nunna an chan a, a tlem ber kum chu kum1990-ah a ni a, mi 8-in nunna kan chan a ni. Tin, natna dang zawng aiin malaria avang hian kumtin nunna chan kan tam ber zel bawk Hetianga kan tawrh nasat em avang hian Malaria leh a thlentu thosi chungchang zir chian hna(Research) kan kalpui mek a ni.
Malaria leh DDT
Mizoramah hian malaria chi hnih a awm a chungte chu Malaria pf kan tih mai Plasmodium falciparum in a thlen leh malaria Pv Plasmodium vivax-in a thlen te an ni. Amaherawhchu kan thihpui thin erawh hi chu pf zawk hi a ni. Malaria hi thosi chi khat Anopheles kan tih mai te hian an kai chhawng thei a, malaria tihremna tha ber chu heng thosi te hi tihtlem emaw tihrem a ni. Hemi avang hian kumtin Health Department bultumin thosihlo DDT kah thin a ni.
DDT hi India ramah hian kum 1944 atangin British sipaite khan an hmang tan a, thosi tihrem nan a that em avangin an hmang uar hle. DDT kan hman nasat avang hian kum 1966 phei kha chuan India ramah malaria avanga thi an awm lo ni a report a ni. Hetiang hian DDT hi lo hlawhtling hle mahse chu indonaah chuan thosite chuan tlawm mai an tum bik awzawng lo, kum 1968 chho atang khan India rama DDT haw lo(Resistant) thosi hmuh tan a lo ni ta , chutiang ang bawkin malaria natna te chuan a damdawi chloroquine te chu an haw lo(Resistant) thei bawk, hei hi Assam State ah kum 1971 ah khan India rama hmuh hmasak ber a ni. Hetiang anih avang hian Malaria natna chuan punlun lam a pan leh ta a ni. Mizoramah hian kum 1959 atang khan DDT hi kan hmang ve tan a, kum 1979-1989 khan BHC kan hmang tih loh chu DDT hi thiso hlo atan kan la hman ngar ngar a ni.
Thosi lam ve thung:
India ramah hian Anopheles chi ang thosi hi 58 an awm a, chung zinga chi 28 vel chu Mizoramah hian awmvea ngaih a ni. Heng chi 58 kan sawi zawng zawngte hian malaria natna hi an kai darh vek lova an zinga chi 10 vel chauh hian malaria natna hi an thlen thei a , chung zinga chi 6 chu Mizoramah hian a awm ve a ni.
Mizorama malaria dona a hma latu ber chu Health Department hnuaia Malalria Cell te an ni. An ni hian Central lama an hmalak dan duans a(Plan of Action) chu Mizoramah an kalpui thin. Tun hnai a an hmalakna tlangpui te han tarlang ta mai mai ila: Kum tin DDT kah, Mizorama malaria thlen dan (data) vawn; Malaria hrik a thlawna enna hmun siam; Mipuite hnenah Damdawi(Insecticide Delamethrin-trade name K-Othrin) chiah sa thosi len 190,000 vel an sem tawh; Mizorama hmun 1,044 ah malaria damdawi lakna Drugs Distribution Centre (DDC) leh Khawsik enkawlna Fever Treatment Depot (FTD) hmun 161 velah an nei mek. Tin, malaria dona programme kan hman hi National Vector borne Disease Control Programme, ( Thilnung dang atanga natna inkaichhawn theih chi ang natna dona programme) 1st April 2005 atanga hman tan a ni.
KUM 2005 a malaria pun nachhan ni a
Malaria avanga thi tam ta viau leh malaria avanga thi kan tam ta viau hian ngaihtuahna a titam hle mai. Hetia malaria a tamna chhan nia langte han chhuidawn mai mai ila:
Mau tam tur avang hian Mizoramah mau kan sat nasain a hman tangkai theihna kan zawng nasa hle, hei hian malaria a titam thei. Malaria leh mau chuan inkungkaih awm loh tak a ni a, mahse mau kan sah hian a bul la ding te kha ruahtui tlinna hmun, thosi tuina hmun tha tak kan siamsak a, thosi a tam chuan a natna thlen malaria a tam mai dawn a ni.
Mizoram bouruak hi thosi inthlah chhawnnan a tha hle. Tin, kumin kan ruah sur dan hi thosi te inthlah chhawn nan a tha em em a ni. Ruah tlem a sur a chu chu nisa tha takin a zui deuh zel a. Kum dang angin khua a cheng lova, hei hi thosi inthlahpunna atan a tha hle.
Mizoramah hian thosi hlo kan hman ber DDT hi kan rama thosi te hian an haw tawh lo em ni? tih zawhna hi chhan theih mai a la ni hrih lova, hemi chungchangah hian chiangkuang zawka research tih a ngai nasa hle. DDT resistance hi khawvel hmun dang leh India ramah ngei pawh a tam tawh si a.
Malaria damdawia kan hman lar ber Chloroquine leh Primaquine te hi malaria natna te hian an haw lo(resistant) thei kan tih tawh kha. Mizoramah pawh Health Department in a report danin Siarang, Kolasib leh Hnahthialah te chuan heng ang hi hmuh tan a ni ve ta. Hemi avang hian malaria natna avanga boral kan tam ta a ni ang em?. He lamah pawh hian research tih a la ngai nasa hle.
National Vector borne Disease Control Programme hmalakna hnuaiah Mizoramah hian Malaria damdawi lakna hmun (DDC) 1044 vel atanga damdawi lachhuak zat leh malaria natna vei tam dan report neih a chakawm hle mai. Heng damdawi kan sem thin primaquine leh chloroquine te hi mi tam tak hian Malaria natna laka invenna ah kan ngai thin. Kan hriattur chu heng damdawite hi malaria natna laka invenna nilovin a damdawi chauh a ni Hemi avang hian malaria laka kan invenna tha ber thosilen leh thosi hlo te, in leh a vela tui tling tih bo te hi kan ngaihthah em ni ang le?
Mizoramah hian malaria pf hi a tam hle a, malaria pf hian ‘thluaka lut’ kan tih mai ‘cerebral malaria’ a thlen thei. Lu na, khawsik malaria nih inringte chuan Chloroquine leh primaquine presumptive treatment ni 3 chhung ei mai hi a tha. Hetianga damdawi ei hian malaria thluaka lut chi ang hi a dang thei.He inenkawlna hmanga kan dam mai thei lo a nih chuan damawi hmunpui lam pan mai hi a him hle.
Heng ka han tarlan te bakah hian puh mawh tur dang tam tak a la awm thei awm e. Mizoramah hian malaria chungchang zirchianna bik hi kan la nei tam lo hle. Scientific documantation 2-3 vel, Central lama kan mikhualten Health Department kaltlanga an nei tih mai loh chu engmah kan nei lo. Chuvang chuan kum tina kan thih tamna ber malaria hian zirchian a mamawh em em a ni tih a lang thei a ni.

Sulhnu hlauhawm

Kan ramah hian kan sawrkar chak tak hian kan nitin hnawmhnawk hi khawpui pawnah a sawngbawl a, a tunlai( Civilized) lo ang bera a thawh avang hian kan nakin nun hian a la tur ang tih a hlauawm mange. Chhum ang maia zam hi a takah chuan bawlhlawh hal khuk a ni e. Tuna kan hmuh mek hi LAD Department in tuirial a bawlhhlawh paina hmun a ni. Kan sawngbawldan a changkan loh em avang hian hun lo la kal zel turah kan tawrh phah ang tih hi a dik a ni.