Monday, October 24, 2011

ah! upgrade

I still remember sitting in front of that old PC with a configuration of ~100MHz CPU, 8mb of RAM, 4GB hdd, floppy drive and a small 14 inch black and white monitor!. Computers back then were like a rare commodity. Up gradation was always so costly when 16 mb of RAM cost more than Rs 2000, 8 GB HDD-2500 when you can get 500 GB of HDD less than that.
Computers have a major face lift, smarter and greener technology arrived. Sitting in front of this PC with a configuration of 2.4 GHZ of dual core CPU, 1 TB of storage, 4 GB of RAM, and LED monitor, a sequence growth in technology came to my mind.
Ah! internet, dial up modems were a thing of the past. Memories of AOL came crashing back. I.E was then a big impact. Microsoft Company was so proud that it have incorporated I.E on windows 98, their logo mentioned "windows 98 with internet explorer". At present i will give up browsing any page with dial up modem speed.
With so much technological growth, my age goes on increasing and finds it harder to keep up with all these up gradations. y someday we will be able to install 64 core of speed and 100 GB of processing speed to our brains!, that my friends, will be a major Up gradation!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Internet atanga bazar

Internet kaltlang a thil lei hi an sawi fo a, a thatzia leh awlsamzia te nen, a hlauhawm thu sawi an tam bawk. Risk lak vak ai chuan lei loh hram hram dan a awm thin avangin ka lei ngailo. Internet banking ka tih ve atang khan BSNL bill hi chu online in ka pe ve ta ziah a, in tlar te, bill pe tura a hran a kal a ngai ta lova, a hahdam zek mai.
A awlsam em avang leh ka thil mamawh Aizawl lama a awmloh avangin tunhnai atang khan E-Bay ah thil ka lei ve tan a. A awlsamin inah a lo thleng a, a infunna a tha thin bawk a him dam pial hian a lo thleng ve thin. Zawngchhang a awl duh dawn khawp mai. Thil te tham sangkhat (1000) man tling hlir erawh ka la lei thung a. Tumkhat pawh Chennai atangin Printer Cartridge ka lei a, ni 5 chhung lekin a lo thleng a.
Hetia thil kan lei hian a man pangai ai chuan a to hret a, mahse helai hmuna awm velo a nih avangin ka pawm dam thei mai a. E-Bay atanga thil lei fuhlo fe fe an awm thin avangin fimkhur thilah a dawr neitute ka phone hmasa a, midang review uluk takin ka en a, chuan rin tlak ni a ka hriat chuah ka lei thin.
Online shopping an addict hi ka hrethiam ve ta!, a leina tur ka neilo mai pawh a. Mizoram ah hian hetiang ang hi awm ve ta se, home delivery nise bazar kan tam ve tawh viau mai lovang maw?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Blog hi

Blog ka update peihlohzia hi aw. Chhuanlam fahrah te te chu nei ve tho mah ila ka thatchhia a ni. Fb lamah hian comment kual zut zut hi a nuam aniang.
Mahse Blogging hin lung a tileng leh tlat thin. Update tur a vang lam pawh a nilo, ziah tur ka tla chham pawh a nilo, ka thatchhe ve hrim hrim a ni.
Engpawh nise kum 2011 ah blog ka la ziak manglo tih ka hriat hian ka rilru a ti na tlat!
Hun a lo kal zel anga, kan thuziak hnutchhiah leh thiante comment hlut tur zia ka hriat avang erawh chuan min ti phur thar leh thin.