Friday, June 19, 2009

Its OK

It’s ok if your tyre got punctured at night and if you have a spare on the booth.

It’s ok if the spare tyre is punctured too and you have a friend willing to take you to the repair shop.

It’s ok if one repair shop is closed; others to surf.

But its not ok if you that repair shop you find have no repair man !.

What if you forget your mobile on that roadside?

Its ok if a friend is willing to look for it, but if the key to their car is in the pocket of the one who helps you with his bike?

Then you go all the way back home to borrow a friend’s spare tyre. What if he tyre don't fit? Or looks like they don’t fit into the vehicle? Then you found that you need to turn the jack up a little higher, voila.

After all the drama, you reach your destination. What if you accidentally locked yourself out and that key is still inside of the vehicle? Then, it’s ok if you know how to jack a car. What if you accidentally drop that small torch light (lighter torch) inside the car door?

What happens if it rains heavily on your way home and the fastest sped of your windshield wiper is not enough to wipe of the rain?

oh me poor me!