Thursday, December 11, 2008

UPDATE, version 11.12!

It’s been a while since I update mine and visit yours. I’m sorry. My internet connection was down for a long time and I am very busy. Here are some activities which makes me a a road runner!

OVER TO CHAMPHAI, RIH DIL- I visit Champhai as a part of our Departmental study tour, destination Rih Dil (Lake) inside Myanmar, on the eastern border of Mizoram. 

The ride to Champhai was quite tiresome inside that ugly, big and uncomfortable MST bus. We boarded at Govt. Champhai College. Early next morning we were on the road again to Rih Dil. We cross the border to Myanmar, took pass for Rs. 10 each and hike towards our destination. We collect some water samples and the rest was fun. On the same day we return to Champhai and get one day rest to return home. Champhai itself offers special memories from my last visit way back in 1996.

            On the border to Myanmar some Indo-Myanmar trade activities were going on. The first thing I notice on Myanmar side was the number of liquor shops available. On that hike to Rih Dil I find out that my body was not fit. It was a matter of 3-4 kms hike, but halfway I run out of breath, body fatigue sets in, and have to rest for several times along the road. At the lake the first thing I did after reaching was drinking nice ice cold beer :).

OVER TO SUANGPUILAWN : I was detailed as a Micro-Observer in the recently concluded Mizoram Assembly election and posted at Suangpuilawn, located on

the northern part of Mizoram 140 kms from Aizawl. Suangpuilawn area is one of the Demanded area of the HPC and a place where an alleged kidnappings of MLA candidates happened on the 2004 elections. It is my first experience in this nature of duty in an election. Our duty was not as a part of the State election machinery, but a part of Central Government, to observe the proceedings of the general election procedures.

COLLEGE GOLDEN JUBILEE: At our college we celebrate Golden Jubilee throughout the year, organizing several functions. On the 10th & 11thday of this December we organized a grand finale and a closing function. I was a part of many sub committees in the organizing body, Decoration, refreshment, programme, etc, and was busy the whole week. Organising refreshment for 1500 people was a tiresome task. The functions went smoothly, but I was too busy to enjoy the fun of the celebration. And during these times I have organize exams for my students at IGNOU, write my PhD thesis.

    So, these days I am like a road runner, running up and down, work my ass tired and face a big life’s dillema, a  relationship and a broken internet line too. Haven’t have time to even take a hair cut for two weeks!,. Life goes on. So, all of you ma friends out there, sorry, I will try to keep you update as soon as possible. Here are some snaps.

Tour party

Dagon with jellies
With Polling party
Golden jubilee

rih dil

Champhai bazar

Champhai college