Monday, October 24, 2011

ah! upgrade

I still remember sitting in front of that old PC with a configuration of ~100MHz CPU, 8mb of RAM, 4GB hdd, floppy drive and a small 14 inch black and white monitor!. Computers back then were like a rare commodity. Up gradation was always so costly when 16 mb of RAM cost more than Rs 2000, 8 GB HDD-2500 when you can get 500 GB of HDD less than that.
Computers have a major face lift, smarter and greener technology arrived. Sitting in front of this PC with a configuration of 2.4 GHZ of dual core CPU, 1 TB of storage, 4 GB of RAM, and LED monitor, a sequence growth in technology came to my mind.
Ah! internet, dial up modems were a thing of the past. Memories of AOL came crashing back. I.E was then a big impact. Microsoft Company was so proud that it have incorporated I.E on windows 98, their logo mentioned "windows 98 with internet explorer". At present i will give up browsing any page with dial up modem speed.
With so much technological growth, my age goes on increasing and finds it harder to keep up with all these up gradations. y someday we will be able to install 64 core of speed and 100 GB of processing speed to our brains!, that my friends, will be a major Up gradation!