Monday, December 23, 2013

A little while back!

Anything worthy to scribble? Let's see... 2013
Work: Back at JNU for a refreshers course. I actually enjoyed the time and had a great time with nature photography. As a scholar, I find my place in the research community.
College was as usual busy, semester system, IQAC, Projects etc. just the usual day by day programmes, nothing special, just another year.
Doctored: Whew, sometimes I wished I had never started a project that is nearly impossible for one man to handle!. If I was presented with a 20 lakhs project doing the same job myself, I will decline!. It was a struggle. The day after my Viva Voce, my battery seems to run out. All I want to do was REST!
Champions: In 1996 we started a cricket club. We called the team- Zemabawk Pitchers Cricket Club. Back than, I was with kids aged 12-18 years. We were not a great team, but the enthusiasm was great. After getting a Job, with the help of my friends, we hit the restart button. Ah another set back,  five seasons we were a team called ALMOST!. Semi Finals, Quarter finals were the peak of our result!. This year though its different. With the injection of new players and a determined old players we were crowned Champions in  2nd Division tournament. I was then almost emotional, it was a dream come true. After waking up at 5:45 AM in the morning for almost two months, I couldn't sleep!.
Election duty: Appointed as Liaison Officer to Expenditure Observer I was in duty for a total of 28 days. It was a blessing in disguise as I could forget the daily duties of the college and concentrate on the Cricket team. At all time, I was with the team, plotting, thinking, calculating, planning and studying our opponents.It is the luxury that eluded me for years.
Electronic disaster!: It was a bad year for my electronic equipments. My motherboard gone haywire, my LAN damaged by lightning,  accidentally drop my phone and broke the screen, drop a camera lens that broke the autofocus motor, short circuited my camera flash!...As the list goes on and on, it was a bad year for me in terms of electronic equipments.. COST=:)