Monday, December 23, 2013

A little while back!

Anything worthy to scribble? Let's see... 2013
Work: Back at JNU for a refreshers course. I actually enjoyed the time and had a great time with nature photography. As a scholar, I find my place in the research community.
College was as usual busy, semester system, IQAC, Projects etc. just the usual day by day programmes, nothing special, just another year.
Doctored: Whew, sometimes I wished I had never started a project that is nearly impossible for one man to handle!. If I was presented with a 20 lakhs project doing the same job myself, I will decline!. It was a struggle. The day after my Viva Voce, my battery seems to run out. All I want to do was REST!
Champions: In 1996 we started a cricket club. We called the team- Zemabawk Pitchers Cricket Club. Back than, I was with kids aged 12-18 years. We were not a great team, but the enthusiasm was great. After getting a Job, with the help of my friends, we hit the restart button. Ah another set back,  five seasons we were a team called ALMOST!. Semi Finals, Quarter finals were the peak of our result!. This year though its different. With the injection of new players and a determined old players we were crowned Champions in  2nd Division tournament. I was then almost emotional, it was a dream come true. After waking up at 5:45 AM in the morning for almost two months, I couldn't sleep!.
Election duty: Appointed as Liaison Officer to Expenditure Observer I was in duty for a total of 28 days. It was a blessing in disguise as I could forget the daily duties of the college and concentrate on the Cricket team. At all time, I was with the team, plotting, thinking, calculating, planning and studying our opponents.It is the luxury that eluded me for years.
Electronic disaster!: It was a bad year for my electronic equipments. My motherboard gone haywire, my LAN damaged by lightning,  accidentally drop my phone and broke the screen, drop a camera lens that broke the autofocus motor, short circuited my camera flash!...As the list goes on and on, it was a bad year for me in terms of electronic equipments.. COST=:)

Friday, March 8, 2013

In zirna

Khawnge inzir hian tawp chin a neilo anih hi maw..In zir zel teh ang
Ka thlalak

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Zanin ka ngaihtuahna chu

            Heti hian bul tan ang. Mizothiangzau's Blog (chuan ti hian a ziak a, "Ningani zan(July 25 2006) khan YMA chuan branch committee ah sawihoin khawhar in riah hi tihtawp an rel ta niin YMA president Lalthanzara (Patea) chuan a sawi."(February 10, 2011). Eddy Zosangliana chuan Zoram Thlirtu Group ah tihian a comment a, "Yma a awm ta nawh a, mahse, yma awm ta nawh mahseng, mizo tlawm an ngaihna ding chun bo ta thak nawh. Lusun in hai pa hmai an khat threp thrup a, thlan khawm lai tur awm ta nawh ding tih tur lah ni nawh..eini mizo hai tlawmngaihna ding chu yma ah chauh awm ta nawh chun..tlawmngaihna ding chu eini mizo ah, ril tak ah, thnlung cung ding ah awm ei tih. Yma leh yma lo a ni nawh"( January 26 at 11:01pm ).
       Heng thu pahnih te hi a hmasa zawk hi Kum 2006 a Zarkawt YMA in Khawhar in riah titawp thu an rel an puanchhuah na a ni. A hnuhnung zawk hi Kum 2012 April thla chawhnu lama  HPC Demand area chhunga YMA hruaitute seal thehluh hnu a YMA dinthar leh tura Central YMA mi tirhte chunga Sakawrdai khua ten dt 25.1.13 a an lo tawngkhum dan a ni.
       Heng thu hian min kan training pui pa thusawi kha min hraitchhuah tir a, "Mizoramah chuan NGO chak tak YMA in nei a, in in thural thei a, dan leh thupek leh engkimah in tha. Manipur chu pawl kan tam luttuk a, kan in lungrual lova, kan dingchhuak har ang" tiin. Zarkawt YMA khawhar in riah tihtawp nen enge a in zawmna? in ti maithei. Heti hian ka chhang ang che- Zarkawt YMA hian mizo tlawmngaihna chu khawvel inher zelah thlak/her rem ve ngai an ti a, khawhar in riah tih tawp an rel ta a. An veng chhung thatna tur ngaihtuah a thil ti an nih avangin ka dem viau na in ka hrethiam. Amaherawhchu, ram chhung nen khuang rual lova ke an pen tak avang hian Mizo te, a hnam anga kan in pum khatna a ti chul zawngin hma an la a ni. Kum 5 a liam hnua kan Sakawrdai unaute  tawngkam hi thlir zui ila, YMA chu kan inpumkhatna chu mamawh lo leh mizo  tlawmngaihna pawh kengkawk zo chuanglovah an ngai a. Hei hian hman in pumkhatna a ti khi a, kan hriat lo karah a lo khi thui hman hle zawng anih hi.