Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It might happen

"Every man wants a wife who is beautiful, caring, understanding, good cook, economical... but the law allows only ONE WIFE" A funny line from Funny Sms book. 

            Men and sport, we love 'em play and those who dosent play watch it. We love watching football on weekends, Saturday night live and Super Sundays. On Sunday we (at least some) watch Moto Gp or Formula One races. Sporting world and the sport centres, we love them. Cricket, oh its so boring for those non intrested persons; exciting for those who play the game, the T-20 tourneys are awesome. Men!. Ladies world-the soap operas etc..

            So, where would you find a girl who loves sport, support an EPL team as passionate as yours, watch the thrilling formula1 and Moto Gp races, Loves tennis as much, cheer every 6 in a cricket match, cheer every point in an NBA game, makes tea during the commercials and join you till 2-3 am to watch the UCL? 

Do you have any clue to find such a girl? A man who let go such a girl doesn’t know what he is missing :). But hang on tight, you might find one because life is full of little surprises!